Our Services

Tax Consulting:

Meeting during the year with you helps to make sure you aren’t paying too much or too little before filing your return. We like to analyze past tax returns to make sure you haven’t paid too much or missed any expenses that will help reduce your tax liability.

 Business Consulting:

We like to watch your operating ratios to make sure you are in line with the your industry. Our company can help prepare a bank package for you. This will help if you need financing for existing operations or expansion. We can also help you with a business acquisition analysis relating to buying or selling a business.

Financial Statements:

JLM provides clients with an understanding of their financial situation by comparing past years statements.

Accounting Software Training:

JLM can provide clients with training for the most popular forms of accounting software.

Financial Planning:

We help Businesses and Individuals calculate their future taxes while working with their financial adviser.

Jan McDonough
Jan McDonough

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