State of Michigan Individual Income Tax for 2016 Tax Returns

Personal Exemptions Allowances:  The annualized allowance for each tax payer and dependent is $4,000.   The reason for the odd number is due to the fact that the annual rate changed as of October 1, 2012.  Additional exemption allowances were eliminated for anyone over 65. No additional exemption is allowed for any child over the age of 19. If you collect unemployment- any exemption amount exceeding 50% of your income is eliminated.

The annualized tax rate for 2016 is 4.25%.

The Earned Income Tax Credit on the state was 20% of the Federal tax credit in prior years.  This credit has been reduced to 6%.

The Credit for Dividend/Interest Income/Capital Gains has been available for seniors in prior years.  This credit is not available for some seniors depending on their year of birth.

You can no longer deduct Political Contributions.  Also regular Michigan Contributions are no longer available in most cases as a credit.


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